Doctoral Schools Building

The Doctoral Schools Building is the newest University building, situated in the heart of the City, facing the Copou Hill where the Main University Building is situated. It hosts all the 13 Doctoral Schools, the Interdisciplinary Departments and the University bookshop.

It welcomes academics with its modern design and functional premises.

Akademos University Restaurant

The Akademos University Restaurant is situated on the ground floor of the Akademos University Hotel. Built in the central area of the city, partially facing the Mihai Eminescu Central University Library. Akademos Hotel is within 5 minutes walk from the Doctoral Schools Building, 10 minutes walk from the Main University Building,

Main University Building

Also known as the University Palace or University Building A, the Main University Building on Copou Hill is one of the most prominent and ancient city monuments, impressing with its history, neo-classical architecture and mural indoor paintings.

Besides several faculties, the Main University Building hosts the Rectorate, the Senate Hall, the Mihai Eminescu Aula Magna and the Hall of the Echoing Footsteps.

Botanical Garden

The University Botanical Garden, the oldest in the country, enchants with its collections of roses, chrysanthemums, azaleas, cacti and bonsai trees, as well as its hilly landscape.

It lies on top of the Copou Hill, not far from the Main University Building (30 minutes walk and 10 minutes drive).

The University Tower

The University Tower, one of the university historical buildings (former Water Tower), has been recently restored and given new use (cafeteria, other meeting rooms). It is situated behind the Main University Building, next to Titu Maiorescu University Restaurant.

Mihai Eminescu Central University Library

Founded in 1835, the Central University Library borders the King Ferdinand Foundation crossroads in the city centre, right at the base of the Copou Hill, together with the Doctoral Schools Building and the Students’ Culture House.

Titu Maiorescu University Restaurant

The Titu Maiorescu University Restaurant is situated in the Titu Maiorescu University Campus, uphill and behind the Main University Building.