Constantin Papp (1896- 1972) – biologist, university professor, director of the Botanical Garden (1937-1958), one of the greatest Romanian bryologists.

He attended primary school and Petru Rareş High School in Piatra Neamţ, graduating in 1931. He graduated from the Agricultural Section of the Faculty of Sciences, Iasi (1922), the Faculty of Pharmacy Iasi (1922) the Natural Science Section of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Bucharest and later the University of Iasi. Constantin Papp defended his doctoral thesis “Contribution to the Study of Bryofits in Moldavia”, under the supervision of Professor Al. Popovici. After a specialization in Germany, at the Botanical Institute of Berlin – Dahlem, in 1928, he published his appreciated work “Die Monographie der Gattung Melica L.” He taught Botany from 1935 to 1964, when he retired, being awarded the Professor Emeritus title.

Member of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, C. Papp is the author of more than 130 scientific works on Floristics, Taxonomy, Chorology and Pharmacology, most of them being related to Bryology, a field that he illustrates with his famous monograph “Bryofites in Romania”(1970). He is also monograph of the Melica genus in his master work “The Flora of Romania”; author of a vast collection of bryofotes, located in the Herbarium of the Faculty of Biology in Iaşi.