Mihai-Vasile Jacota

Mihail-Vasile Jakotă (1917-2007) – jurist, university professor

He graduated from The Boarding High School of Iasi (1936). Bachelor of the Faculty of Law, Iasi (1940). Doctor of the Faculty of Law, University of Iasi with the thesis Contributions to the Study of the XII Plates Law. Lawyer, practicing in Iasi (1940). Assistant judge at the Court of Iasi (1943). Teaching assistant at the Department of Roman Law, the University of Iasi (1943-1948). Associate professor (1948-1969) and professor (1969-1983) at the Faculty of Law in Iasi where he taught Roman Law, International Private Law and International Trade. Consulting Professor (1983-2007). Emeritus Professor (1998). Doctoral supervisor, University of Iasi (1972).

He published textbooks in the field of the subjects that he taught: Course on Private International Law (1961), Roman Private Law (in collaboration with Vladimir Hanga, 1964), Private International Law (in collaboration with I. Filipescu, 1968), Private International Law (1976), Course on Roman Law. Personarum jus. Jus rerum (1977), Roman Private Law (in collaboration with Gheorghe Piticari, 1981), Roman Private Law (in collaboration with Gheorghe Piticari, 1987), Roman Law (in two volumes, 1992), Private International Law (two volumes, 1997) Roman Law (2002). Author of numerous articles and specialized studies in periodicals (“Classical Studies”, “Scientific Annals of the University of Iasi”, “Romanian Journal of Law”; “Revue Internationale des Droits de l’Antiquité”, “Acta Congressus EIRENE”) and collective volumes (Studi in onore di G. Grosso, 1968; Études J. Macqueron, 1968; The Legal Position of Foreigners in Romania, in 1977, Scritti in onore din Antonio Guarino, 1982; Issues of Economic Law and of International Trade Law, 1983).

Correspondent member of the Academy of Social and Political Sciences of Romania (1972). Member of the Association for the Comparative History of Rights, of the Association for International Law and International Relations, of the Society of Classical Studies etc. Decorated with the “Military Virtue 1st Class” Medal for outstanding merits in the war (1944). Decorated for his entire teaching and scientific activity (2002).