Scientific Events

“Alexandru Myller” Mathematical Seminar Centennial Conference”

International Conference -

21st – 26th June 2010

The Mathematical Seminar celebrates 100 years since the foundation of the largest and most complex Mathematics library in Romania. Established by professor Alexandru Myller on a model of the University of Gӧttingen, the Mathematical Seminar Library has laid the foundation of an authentic Math School, becoming, in the interwar period, the largest library in Romania and one of the greatest libraries in Eastern Europe and even in the world. It is now part of the Central University Library and it possesses rare, priceless books: prints from the 16th century and the complete works of great mathematicians and physicians such as Euclid, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, Pierre Fermat, Christian Huygens, Isaac Newton, Jacob Bernoulli, Leonard Euler, Joseph Louis Lagrange, Pierre-Simon Laplace, Karl Friedrich Gauss, Auguste Louis Cauchy, Niels Henrick Abel, Henri Poincaré and others.

“The 18th Conference on Applied and Industrial Mathematics „CAIM 2010”

International Conference

14th – 17th October 2010

Students’ Events

International Student Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics

12th – 16th July 2010

Cultural Events

Book Exhibition – “Our Books”

Exhibition of books published by mathematicians from Iasi

June 2010

“The Sky: mystery, knowledge, science”

Round table

September 2010