Constantin C. Angelescu

Constantin C. Angelescu (1905-2000) – jurist, historian, university professor.

He graduated from high school in Paris (1923). University Studies at the Faculty of Law, Bucharest (1923-1926). Bachelor in Public Law, University of Paris (1928). Bachelor in Political Economics, University of Paris (1930). Bachelor of the School of Political Sciences (1931). Doctoral degree in Law, University of Paris with the thesis La consultation directe du peuple, en dehors de l’élection, d’après la Constitution de Weimar (1933).

Trainee reviewer at the Legislative Council (1934-1936). Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law in Iasi (1942). Dean of the Faculty of Law in Iasi (1944-1945). Honorary Assistant at the Department of Administrative Law, University of Bucharest (1934). Aggregate professor at the Department of Comparative Constitutional Law of the University of Cernăuţi (November-December 1936). Professor at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law, University of Iasi (1937-1950). Librarian at the University Library of Iasi  and at the Romanian Academy Branch in Iasi (1950-1952). Arrested for political reasons (1952-1955). Researcher at the Institute of History in Iasi (1955-1975). Head of the Romanian Modern History section of the Institute of History in Iasi (1967-1975).

His work includes numerous studies and articles on constitutional law, on the history of public law and on Romanian history. Among these one should mention: The Sources of the Romanian Constitution of 1866 (1926), Death Penalty in Romania in the Nineteenth Century (1927), The First Romanian Doctors of Law in Paris (1928), Déclaration de guerre et referendum (1932), La crise de la démocratie (1933), Legislative Unification Regarding Article 137 of the Constitution (1934), The Legal Irresponsibility of the Members of Legislative Assemblies (1935), Cuza Voda`s Draft Constitution of 1863 (1935), A Forgotten Moldavian Lawyer: Teodor Veisa (1938), The Romanian Administrative Legal Department during the Regime of the 1923 and 1938 Constitutions (1939), Amnesty in Romanian Constitutional Law (1940), The New Constitutional Organization of the Romanian State (1941), New Contributions to the History of the 1866 Romanian Constitution (1942), Andronache Donici and the Draft Constitution of 1822 (1947), On Two Manuscripts of the Moldavian Organic Statute (1956), The Constitutional Development of the United Principalities from 1859 to 1862 (1959), Justice in Moldavia in the Mid Nineteenth Century. The Findings of a Greek Lawyer (1976), The 1859 Draft Constitution of the Central Committee of Focsani (1980) etc. He wrote substantial studies in collective volumes: The Development of Moldavian Economy between 1848 and 1864. Contributions (1963), Cuza Voda in Memoriam (1973), The Economist Nicolae Şuţu (1974).

Director of the “Public Law Archive” Journal, published in Iasi (1939-1941). Granted the Crown of Romania Award with the ribbon for Military Virtue.