Paul I. Demetrescu (1900-1968) – jurist, university professor

He graduated from high school in Craiova (1918) and the Faculty of Law, Bucharest (1921). Lawyer, practicing in Ilfov. Doctor of the Faculty of Law in Rome with a thesis on The Joint Management of Companies (1924). Trainee reviewer of the Legislative Council (1926-1929) and later full-time reviewer (1929-1948) in the Commercial Law specialization. Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Iasi (1947-1968) where he delivered lectures on Commercial Law, Cooperative Agricultural Law and Civil Law.

During his activity in the Legislative Council he wrote himself or in collaboration, studies and law reviews that recommend him as a true specialist in Commercial Law: The New Law on Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes and the Law on Checks, in cooperation with I.L. Georgescu and Stelian Ionescu (1934), The Bill of Exchange, the Promissory Note, the Check (1942), Commercial Companies (1943), Commercial Tax, cooperation with Florin Theodoru L. (1946). After 1948 he published valuable courses and textbooks that enjoyed great appreciation: The Contract of Sale – Purchase and Exchange. Course (1956), Civil Law Course. The General Theory of Obligations and Special Contracts, in collaboration with Vasile Negru (1958), Cooperative Agricultural Law, in collaboration with Zeno Oprea (1959-1964), Civil Law. The General Theory of Obligations (1966). He is the author of an important juridical monograph (Transportation Contract, 1962) and of numerous studies related to issues such as contracts signed under the copyright law, copyright, cooperative agricultural law, causes of exemption from liability for socialist organizations. In his articles he was interested in the political and legal views of personalities such as Montesquieu (1955) and Titulescu (1966).