Octavian Ionescu (1901-1990) – jurist, philosopher, university professor

He graduated from A.T. Laurian High School of Botoşani (1913-1920). Bachelor of the Faculty of Law, Iasi (1924). Bachelor of the Faculty of Philosophy, Iasi (1925). Doctor of the Faculty of Law in Paris with the thesis La notion de droit subjectif dans le droit privé (1931). Rockefeller and Humbold scholar of several universities in Berlin, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Munich, Jena and Vienna (1932-1938). Trainee reviewer and full-time reviewer of the Legislative Council (1934-1948). Substitute professor (1941-1942) and full-time professor (1941-1950) of the Department of Civil Law of the University in Iasi. Removed from the higher education system for political reasons, he became a Romanian language teacher in secondary schools and high schools in Iasi. (1950-1961).

His work includes numerous studies and monographs in the fields of Civil Law, Legal Sociology and Philosophy of Law: Considerations on Legal Rules (1933), On the Issue of the Introduction to the Civil Code (1935), The Work of the Legislative Council on the Science and Technology of Law (1936), Present Day Tendencies in German Legal Philosophy (1936), Duty as Unilateral Will and the Preliminary Romanian Civil Code (1937), L’influence de la législation allemande sur le projet du Code civil roumain (1938), La Sociologie juridique et l’enseignement universitaire (1939), Civil Code and the New Social Ideologies (1940), A German Private Legal Institution. Family Rural Goods (1943). He was a constant contributor to the prestigious journals “Archives de Philosophie du Droit et de Sociologie Juridique” and “Archiv für Rechts und Sozialphilosophie”.

After his removal from higher education he continued his scientific research, participating in several international scientific congresses and publishing valuable studies in Civil Law and Legal P2hilosophy: Le Problème de la partie introductive du code civile (1967), La Philosophie du droit et la Sociologie juridique en Roumanie jusqu’a la veille de la seconde guerre mondiale (1972), Théories nouvelles sur le droit subjectif (1973), Tendances des rapprochement des conceptions fondamentales en droit privé (1973), L’Avenir de la société et le droit privé (1977).

Member of the Institute of Social Sciences in Romania, of the Society of Comparative Legislation in Paris and of the International Association for Law Philosophy and Social Philosophy.