Cultural Events

European Week at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

9th – 16th May 2010

The official inauguration of The Center for European Studies headquarters and of the Jean Monnet Center for European Documentation, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi.

Conference – “European Union, Global Governance and Sustainable Development”

National Student Science Session on European Studies, 6th edition

Round table – “Structural Funds and Their Role in Regional Competition, Lasting Development and Cohesion in Europe”

Thematic exhibitions

Launch of the post graduate programme on European Business

Launch of the online magazine CES Working Papers

Launch of the academic magazine Eastern Journal of European Studies

“The EU – an Active Player in a Globalised World”

International conference of doctoral students

Guest: Georgio Dominese

20th – 25th October 2010

Book launch – a collection of excellence books on European Studies. Translations of well- known works in the field, published at the University Publishing House

20th – 25th October 2010

Students’ Events

Essay Contest – “My European Dream”

15th February – 9th May 2010