Constantin Burduja (1906- 1983) – biologist, university professor, director of the Botanical Garden (1958-1962), founder of the Morphology and Plant Anatomy school of the University of Iasi.

He attended primary school in his home village (Borniş-Neamţ) and Petru Rareş High School in Piatra Neamţ, graduating in 1931. He took his Bachelor Degree in Natural Sciences from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Iasi (1935) and he defended his doctoral thesis, “Contribution to the Study of the Flora and Vegetation in the Roznov-Neamţ Depression” in 1949, under the supervision of his forerunner C. Papp. He was a professor of Geobotany, Fitogeography and Plant Morphology until 1971, when he retired, continuing to be a consulting professor and doctoral supervisor.

Unsurpassed botanist and ecologist, author of over 100 scientific papers on the vegetation of Moldavia and Dobrogea, founder of comparative, environmental and experimental studies of plant anatomy, C. Burduja is quoted in various synthesis works and treaties published abroad. Together with the famous botanist E. Ţopa, he is considered one of the establishers of the new Botanical Garden on Copou Hill, whose founder he was in 1963.