Scientific Events

Annual meeting of Erasmus-Socrates Students; Launching of “Dialogi Europaei” Magazine

Antiquity Sciences in European Universities: Past, Present, Future. 150 Years of Research at the University of Iasi

International Symposium

May 2010

Archaeological Education and Archaeological Research at the University of Iasi


June 2010

Jewish Professors and Students at the University of Iasi and at Other Romanian and European Universities (the End of the 19th Century- the End of the Second World War)

International Symposium

September 2010

130 Years of Diplomatic Romanian – German Relationships, 1880- 2010

International Symposium

29th September – 3rd October 2010

The University of Iaşi during Communism. Personalities, Characters and Public Policy between 1945-1990

International Symposium

November 2010

“The History of the University of Iasi. History at the University of Iasi” Communication session and launch of the volumes with these titles

22nd – 23rd October 2010

Conference Carol Iancu

September 2010

Students’ Events

Annual Session of the Faculty’s Doctoral Students. Session of Students’ Science Circles

16th – 18th 2010