Olga Necrasov (1910-2000) – anthropologist, biologist and university professor.

She attended primary and secondary school at Notre Dame de Sion School in Iaşi. She studied science at the University of Iaşi, Faculty of Science, Natural Science Department (graduation year: 1932) and she specialized in Anthropology in Warsaw, Breslau and München (1935-1937),  defending her doctoral thesis in Natural Sciences, Anthropology specialization, at the University of Iaşi in 1940. She began her academic and research career as soon as she finished her Bachelor studies, covering all hierarchy levels up to Doctor of Science, specialist in Comparative Anatomy and Anthropology. She initiated and developed new research trends in Iaşi: contemporary Biologic Anthropology, Paleoanthropology, Ecologic and Functional Anthropology, Archaeozoology. She founded and organized the Paleoanthropology and Archaeozoology collections of the Animal Morphology Laboratory of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi. As director of The Anthropological Research Centre Bucharest and as head of the Anthropology Department of the Romanian Academy branch in Iaşi, she developed Romanian anthropological research.

Member both of the Romanian Academy,  whose correspondent was since 1963 and full member since 1990 and of other national and international scientific societies, Olga Necrasov enjoyed wide recognition. For her outstanding accomplishments, she was awarded many titles, medals and awards. In 1980 she received the “P. Broca” medal and prize, awarded by the Anthropological Society of Paris, for her entire scientific activity in the field of anthropology.

Leaving an oustanding scientific legacy, with over 250 publications, and the memory of a teacher of remarkable vocation and spiritual beauty, Olga Necrasov passed away in Iaşi, on 3rd October 2000.