Nicolae Tatomir

Nicolae Ţaţomir (1914-1996) – jurist, writer, university professor

Graduate of The National High School of Iasi (1931). Bachelor of the Faculty of Law in Iasi (1936). Doctor of the Faculty of Law, University of Iasi, with the thesis Crime in Literature (1938). Lawyer, practicing in Iasi (1936-1938). Magistrate in the courts of Iasi and Constanta (1938-1950). Deputy of the Grand National Assembly (1960-1964). Dean of Faculty of Law, Iasi (1952-1972). Associate Professor (1948-1962) and professor (1962-1979) at the Faculty of Law, Iasi

His work in the field of Law includes numerous studies and articles on Public International Law, on various topics: the organization and operation of UNO bodies, the parliamentary supervision of international organizations, the legal regime of the Suez Canal, the definition of aggression, the issue of territorial sea, rescue and assistance in Maritime Law, air border security, definition, classification and interpretation of treaties. Author of two university courses: Course on Public International Law (1961), Public International Law (Part I, 1972).

He published numerous volumes of poetry, prose, drama and essays: Black Swans (1936), The Eternal Spirit (1940), The Great Day (1945), Ioana (1948), Student Petcu`s Case (1953), Satires (1955), The Riot (1957), The Street Painter (1957), A Man on the Promontory (1961), The  Mysterious Archipelago (1964), Speaking Their Language (1967), Carmen Terrestre (1968), Melos (1970), My Clay Book (1972), The Manuscript of Marrakech (1972), Orphic Ellipses (1976), Cosmograms (1977), Modern Arpeggios (1980), Black and Green (1980), The Country of the Albatrosses (1982), White Swans (1983), Anabasis (1985), Stalactites in Alabaster (1986), The Licorn`s Steps (1989).

Correspondent member of the Academy of Social and Political Sciences (1970). Member of the Association of International Law of Hague. Member and president of the Association of International Law and International Relations, Iasi Branch. Member of the Romanian Writers` Union.